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Why You Need A Charcoal Hair Mask

If your hair suffers from impurities and your hair is often greasy, you may want to consider switching to a charcoal haircare range. Activated charcoal helps to deeply penetrate the hair follicles and remove build-up easily. However, the shampoo form works so well that it sometimes strips away the good and the bad. For this reason, a charcoal hair mask is used.

While it still contains activated charcoal, it’s also pumped with many other nourishing ingredients. Since your cuticles are open, the strands of hair will now be able to take in all the good nutrients. Things like vitamin E & C can help to add shine and softness, while aloe vera offers soothing effects. You’re essentially giving your hair detox to say goodbye to all those unwanted nasties.

Adopting A Haircare Routine Using A Charcoal Hair Mask

Because charcoal ingredients are so strong, it’s recommended not to detox the hair every wash. Depending on your hair type, considering using it maybe every second or third wash instead. It’s recommended that you use it in conjunction with a charcoal shampoo to clarify the hair. Shampoo twice to help open the cuticle and remove all of the dirt. Secondly, you’ll then apply the charcoal hair mask on damp hair. You’ll need to leave it on for 3-5 minutes for the best possible results.

Furthermore, if you’re a salon, you may consider adding this to your service. Customers will love walking away with freshly detoxed hair. Some salons now offer charcoal treatments before a colouring service to ensure the hair cuticle is open and pure. Don’t forget to have some readily available for clients to take home too.


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