Enjoy The Benefits Of Keratin Masks

Hair masks are often used when a persons hair is feeling dry, damaged and brittle. They’re used to help restore balance to the hair, also, to help hydrate it too. Anyone can use keratin masks but the best results come from those who have stressed hair. Keratin masks are designed to deeply condition the hair and transform the hair to be shiny and soft. It can also help to reduce frizz in addition to smoothing the hair.

If you’re a salon, you may consider offering a hydrating mask to clients while at the basin. You can offer this as a free restoration service after colouring, or you can offer it as a stand-alone treatment. Your customers may even love it so much that they decide to use these treatments regularly at home. It’s best to help guide them in establishing a proper hair care routine for the best results.

Hydrate, Maintain & Restore

You can help to keep your hair healthier by following a good haircare routine. By ensuring your hair is well hydrated and groomed, it will help leave your hair healthier and happier. A hair mask should be applied to the end of the hair following shampooing. It’s recommended to leave for 3-5 minutes to properly allow for your hair to absorb the nutrients. To apply, just gently place some formula on your fingers, then slowly run them through your hair. Start from your mid-lengths and move through to your ends. Try to avoid directly applying to your roots, as this may lead to an excessively oily scalp. Remember, everyone’s hair is different so you may need to use keratin masks differently.


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