Scissors Kits For Professionals

If your are a professional hairdresser or just starting out, you’ll know the importance a good pair of scissors holds for achieving the perfect hair cut. One simple cut may require multiple tools to get the job done. Scissor kits have all the essentials needed to help your client achieve their desired look.

Firstly, the kits often come with standardised scissors and an additional pair of thinning scissors. This allows you to effectively trim, thin, cut and recreate hairstyles that clients will love! Secondly, they are made from quality metals by big named brands. They offer a warranty because they are certain the products will last.

Selecting Scissor Kits

AMR makes selecting scissor kits as easy as possible by ensuring that that we only stock the best quality. This means we ensure quality brands are stocked that offer long life and optimum results. Furthermore, they come in both left and right hands, making it easy to find a set regardless of your hand preference.

The hardest decision you’ll need to make will be based on colour. You can go for a classic stainless steel look or go for something a little more modern and reflective of your style. Pinks, black, teal, white and even multi-colour or some of the selections that you can make. Furthermore, our friendly staff will help you to find the right product if you if you’re a little unsure or have questions.


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