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Selected AMR Wax Hair Care 

Despite all looking pretty similar, wax hair care products are quite unique. They come with different textures and have a variety of purposes. Users find their favourite and stick to it for a long time to come. Before settling up for one or two wax hair care products, we usually play a game of hit and miss unless a friend or a hairstylist recommend something we instantly fall in love with. To be able to provide that to your clients, your salon wax selection needs to encompass a wide range of waxes, clays, and muds for the ultimate hair-styling and hair holding perfection. 

Find What Works for Clients

Certain hair types require greasier, glue-like textures and others just light touch-ups to keep the strands in. Especially if we keep in mind that there has never been so much versatility in women’s and men’s hairstyles as there is nowadays. a well-stocked beauty cabinet cannot do without wax hair care.  Male hair, for example, tends to be coarser. Men are often the main clientele for wax products because of frequently wearing short hairstyles. Achieving the popular 40s classic - the front wave - is impossible without a sold wax that keeps it neat during the day. And we shouldn’t forget facial hair, which is irresistible when beards are well-cut, smooth and with the skin below properly nourished. At AMR, we provide waxes for the scalp and barber’s waxes and clays to stye beards - products barbershops must possess at all times.

What to Look for in Wax Hair Care Products

Since wax products are not the same, consider stocking the following product variations:
  • Creamier consistencies for a natural appearance
  • Lasting body and texture for 16-hour hairstyles
  • Keratin wax products for stronger hair
  • Aroma variations, because not everyone likes the same smell
  • Paste, gum, mud and clay consistencies, depending on the hair type
  • Wax products for barbershops
If it looks like too much, that is only because of various client needs, and we would like to keep them all happy.