Premium Permanent Hair Dye For Long-Lasting Colour

Permanent hair dye is commonly used within hair salons. Aside from cutting, you’ll be often asked to transform clients hair colour. Most of the time it will be very straight forward if you’re using the right tools. A colour chart will help confirm the colour your client is hoping to achieve, and it will provide you with the formula for creation.

You’ll also sometimes need bleach, activators and foil to get the job done. Colour is deeply penetrated in the hair follicles, offering a permanent solution. If a client is wanting something short term, consider offering them a semi dye solution.

The Difference Between Semi-Permanent & Permanent Hair Dye

Before committing to a colour, it’s important to see if it’s a semi or a permanent hair dye. Semis are direct dyes that often only last a few washes. Generally speaking, most vibrant colours are considered to be semis as the colour won’t remain for more than a few weeks. A little more care may need to be taken in the preservation in colour which some customers don’t have time for. Additionally, a client may become frustrated and complain a few weeks later if their colour has faded.

Permenant colours will change the structure of the hair to change colour for a long period of time. It’s longer-lasting than a semi dye, and will easily cover greys. It does require an activator to ensure that the colour is transformed but will provide full hair coverage. It can come in an array of colours to lighten, darken or change the overall tone of the hair. Speak thoroughly with the client to understand what they expect from your service to help them achieve the best colour.


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