Change Your Look Using Semi Permanent Hair Dye

More often than not, we feel like a change. Trialling new hair colours and experimenting with bright colours is something we all consider. If you have naturally divine hair that you don’t want to permanently change, you can use semi permanent hair dye. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hairdressing professional on wanting to experiment at home, most are easy to create.

In saying this, a steady hand is needed and you may want to think twice about doing streaks on your own. It can be difficult to reach the back part of your head and you may miss some spots. A professional will always do a better job but there’s no harm in trying, right? Semi dyes will last you roughly a maximum of 8 washes. It allows you to get creative and try a wild colour such as hot pink or an electric blue. It is important to remember that just some of these dies will require you to lighten your hair. If the base colour is darker, you won’t be able to effectively see the colour transformation of neon type colours. Instead, they’ll appear as a dark blue. Your hairdresser will be able to assist you in lightening your hair colour if needed.

How Semi Permanent Hair Dye Works

The way these direct dyes work, is by particles of the colour molecules, entering the hair’s cuticle. It’s unable to deeply penetrate the hairs cortex as they are so small, so they’ll rinse off after a few shampoos. It also unable to change the hair’s structure, so very minimal damage or irritation is caused. It also doesn’t offer great grey coverage, for that consider a permanent dye.


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