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Quality Trimmers and Clippers for Hair Professionals

Hair clippers and hair trimmers belong to the toolkit of every hairstylist, barber, or hairdressing trainee. At one point, trimmers and clippers were used only occasionally, but with all the latest innovation in hairstyling, including fading, the beard revolution, and the variety of textures for head and facial hair, you won’t have any excuses for not holding at least a few of these tools in your salon. 

AMR Hair Clippers and Hair Trimmers for Salon and Home Use

Hair clippers and trimmers are versatile and convenient for both salon and home use. Clients like reaching to such tools in-between salon visits or for DIY manscaping. Therefore, having one of these or both of them at home is not unusual - it is rather the standard practice.  Clippers suit thick, dense beards while hair trimmers will work on those finer details. Since there are many variations of both products, some of which perform multiple functions, you need to think well before you stock your salon with appropriate equipment. Choose from:
  • Classic trimmers and clippers
  • Hair clippers with changeable attachments
  • Cord and cordless clippers
  • Clipper oil
  • Trimmer blade sets
  • Speed clippers
  • Ceramic and steel clippers
Instead of purchasing a new tool every season, pick up two or three with good quality that will serve diverse needs and are durable enough to last you for years. The daredevil trend is not going anywhere soon, and trimmers and clippers are necessary to stay prepared and up-to-date. 

Clipper Types and Brands We Work With

To simplify the achievement of hairstyles with different lengths, we recommend using removable hair clipper blades. Rechargeable clippers are many barbers’ favourite since they enable smooth operation without cords interfering with the work done and client communication. We stock Wahl, Silver Bullet, and Panasonic at affordable prices, including product variety and 24-hour service availability. Find all hair clippers and trimmers at one place, at any time.