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What sets AMR hair loss treatments apart from others?

Here at AMR we can help to combat dreaded hair loss with our hair loss treatments. Available are a variety of  hair and scalp treatments that assist in preventing hair loss and thinning. Alopecia areata (also known as spot baldness) is a common cause of hair loss. In most cases you have the ability to reverse the effects of non-scaring alopecia with treatment. Receding hairlines are another common issue that our staff can offer you treatment for. Our friendly and supportive team will be able to assist you with their extensive product knowledge to find the right product for you.

What Hair loss treatment brands does AMR stock?

AMR is one of the leading stockists for hair loss treatment in Australia. We have an vast range of treatments available that can assist you in regenerating hair growth. Our leading brands include Inebrya, Fanola, Barber Culture, RedOne, Nioxin, Natural Look and Hairon. Our products range from shampoos and conditioners to bi-fillers and lotions. We do recommend seeing a health care professional before seeing us so we can ensure we find the right product to for you.