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Why Your Hair Needs Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a well-known hair-strengthening ingredient added to shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. It is a natural hair component that provides strength, shine, and brilliance to healthy hair. Due to various external factors or changes that the body goes through, it can decrease and worsen the hair condition. Some scalps have less keratin because of genetics. Others have undergone chemical treatments and they need outside help to fortify dull, frizzy fibres. You can accomplish that by making keratin products a part of your regular wash and blow-dry sessions or go for a full keratin hair treatment. 

Improve Hair Elasticity with a Keratin Hair Treatment

The best and most durable results are achieved by keratin hair treatments. This essential hair protein dives deep into the hair follicle. The keratin penetrates porous hair areas. As a result, your hair looks shinier and healthier. This is not only an impression of shine, it actually restores your hairs health. Keratin treatments take time and if you decide to do one it will take at least two to three hours. The results are noticeable and are even more visible on though who frequently colour their hair.  Leave the salon with the new silky version of your hair.

Straighten Frizzy Hair By Applying Keratin

Frizzy, thin hair can be a real problem which makes any hairstyle look lifeless. There is a solution - thermal or non-thermal keratin treatments. Salon keratin products such as keratin restructuring shampoos can substantially improve the condition.  If you are looking for long-lasting results, schedule a thermal keratin treatment for hair straightening. The heat is applied with a flat iron after the hairdresser leaves the keratin to saturate the hair well. This should take approximately half an hour. The flat iron is set on low-to-medium heat so that it does not come to aggressively on the hair. It can take longer if your hair needs more attention than usual.  Delightful results can be achieved for clients who are somewhere in-between curly and frizzy hair and would like to see the curls gone. You will say goodbye to unwanted frizz and welcome straight silky hair that will last as long as six months.