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Hair Perm Solutions: The Power of Perm Neutralisers

Hair perm solutions are the only way to achieve curl longevity. No matter how many types of curlers you apply or the heat level you use, it will only last for so long. Curls and waves create that oh-so-much-wanted volume and the easy-breezy careless boho look that so many clients desire. To recreate durable curls, you will need to reach out for the perm solution. The process includes preparing your salon by purchasing the necessary perming products to complete the perm from step one to the final outcome. Perm neutralisers are applied at the later stages of perming to soften and round up the curls by oxidisation. Regardless of what perming technique you use - single-stage or dual-stage, in the end, you need to reach out for the perm neutralising agent.

From Tight Curls to Waves, and Volume

Depending on the trends, certain curly looks are more desirable than others. But some sort of curls never goes out of fashion. If you have busy clients who don’t have the time to invest in temporary solutions, perming is the only way to meet all their requirements. Explain to your clients that you will need to change their hair texture by softening the existing structure, and reshaping it into waves or curls. Mention the role of perm neutralisers as fixators. Finally, reassure your client that you will maintain the hairs quality by using specialised treatments, shampoos and conditioners. Perms are no longer what they used to be! They are now for added texture and volume, who doesn't want that for a hair perm solution? 

AMR Hair Perm Fixators, Neutralisers, and Revitalisers

AMR hair perm solutions include a variety of fixing products and neutralisers. They come in foamy or creamy consistencies with balsamic properties. If there is one hairstyle that is in dire need of haircare agents - it is the perm. A perm is also the only procedure clients never attempt to try at home, and for good reasons. It's a complex process that needs professional care, attention and precision to get right. Offer professional perming products and everyone included will be pleased with the results.