Variance In Men’s Beauty Products

Have you ever wondered why men’s beauty products are so different from that of a female? Apart from the obvious difference in trends, the hair and skin of a male differ. The skin of a male is thicker and has more hair. The testosterone in a man’s body helps to give him skin that’s roughly 25% times thicker. This creates a variance in the skin’s texture, making a man’s skin feel tougher and sometimes course. The chemical makeup is different too. Males produce more sebum, a type of oil which can lead to oily skin and acne. Even the way their hair is done is completely different, so it’s important to have products that reflect their needs.

Men’s Beauty Products

There is an increasing number of men’s beauty products on offer. Studies have shown that more men are taking care of themselves, with the majority owning some type of haircare or skincare. Most commonly used are men’s styling or grooming tools. Styling tools include gels, muds, clays, pomade and waxes. Even the number of men using face creams, moisturisers and tanning lotions are high. The ingredients found in these skincare products are different, so it’s important to find the right type for you.

Stocking A Variety Of Men’s Beauty Products In Salon

It’s important to have plenty of choice for men in your service. With their self-care on the rise, having a magnitude of choice is imperative. Firstly, consider what your service offers and what is commonly asked for. Secondly, consider possible take-home products that your customers will need and use. If you’ve got a spa, consider offering moisturisers and facial treatments. Hairdressers and barbers may offer waxes and styling too or you may even consider selling beard treatments. If you don’t own a salon and just want quality male products, look no further.


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