Create Using Eyelash Extension Accessories

Achieving the perfect lashes doesn’t come without the use of quality lashes as well as eyelash extension accessories. A combination of a steady hand paired with quality products leads to tremendous results. Apart from the finding good lashes and glue, accessories are needed to get the job done both at the salon and for the client to take home.

Disposable Mascara Wands: The Best Of Eyelash Extension Accessories

While you’ll use micropore tape and puffers, you’ll find that mascara wands are one of your most-used tools. Your puffer will aid in helping dry clients eyes after cleansing, it’s not used nearly as often as a wand. Firstly, prior to applying lashes, it’s recommended you lightly brush the client’s eyes after cleaning them. This helps to ensure all makeup and dirt is out of the lashes and that they are properly separated. Secondly, once the treatment is complete, you will then brush through the lashes again. Then start fluffing them up and removing any loose hairs. It also helps to prevent irritation as well as shows the client to maintain the lashes from home.

Consider offering the client a brush to take home, or create a maintenance kit. You could sell them at a cost to the client, or offer it as part of your service. Consider also including a vial of cleanser along with cleaning and care instructions for them to follow to ensure the longevity of the lashes. Mascara wands can also be used to assist with the removal of unwanted lashes.


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