Using Professional Lash Applicators

For a flawless lash extension look, the right tools will help to get the job done properly and promptly. Lash applicators serve a single purpose, to apply lashes. Tweezers can be used for pre-made fans or mixed lashes, whichever types of lashes you use. They come in a variant of shapes, some slanted, while others curved and a few straight. Curved work best for volume lashes while straight is commonly used for mixed lashes.

To make the lash application easier, a glue ring and a lash holder will be your new best friend. The ring contains a small section where glue can be placed. You then get the lash extension from the holder bracelet and dip your lash into the glue using the tweezers. Then apply directly on the eyelash that has already previously been prepped. By having the lashes and glue close at hand, you’re able to move through the lashes quickly and more efficient so you don’t lose where you are up to. Additionally, you can purchase the c-shape pads from AMR to assist with the service.

Prepping Eyelashes For Extensions Using Lash Applicators & Tools

Firstly, you can’t just apply the lashes without cleaning the skin and lashes. Using a primer, wash over the eyes to remove any dust, oils or makeup that may be left around the eyes. A lash cleanser will also be just as effective at removing dirt and build-up. This will allow for the glue to better stick to the lashes. You can also brush the lashes using disposable mascara wands. If you need to remove lashes previously done to replace with fresh ones, using an adhesive remover.


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