What Are Mixed Lash Trays?

While working as a lash technician, you’ll become familiar with a mixed lash tray. They’re essentially a tray of individual lash extensions that vary in length and thickness. These are great if you have a varied client base who can request anything from a natural look to a glamourous style of lashes. The length of each of the lashes will be clearly displayed on the packaging in millimetre length. Some lashes are synthetic while others are mink or polyester. All will last the same length of time as long as your client keeps up a good routine.

Each tray contains roughly 4,000 individual lashes. Each client has roughly 150-200 lashes per eye on their top levels, so it can take some time to complete the service. A mixed lash tray will last you roughly 12 customers give or take. The speed in which you complete the service is dependent on the skill and the adhesive used.

Tools & Accessories To Accompany Lash Trays

For the best results, it’s recommended you use quality tools to assist with the lash application. Firstly, ensure you have a good set of tweezers for application, as well as a glue ring and lash band. These will aid the speed at which the eyelash extensions are applied. Secondly, you’ll need a google lash adhesive. This is the most crucial item as this is what holds the lashes on. You’ll be able to select from super drying formulas (for experienced technicians) or regular glues. Furthermore, stock a cleanser and a primer. We recommend using this prior to lash application to remove dirt and excess makeup. This allows for the fake lashes to be applied easily and last longer.


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