Ammonia Free Hair Bleach For Professionals

If you weren’t aware, there are actually two main types of bleaching agents on the market. Ammonia free hair bleach differs from that of normal bleaching products. Firstly, ammonia is commonly used in bleaching agents. It is one of the key ingredients for a fast and effective bleaching process. However, some clients with skin irritations are unable to use it without causing blistering or itching. Additionally, if a client is sensitive to smell or is pregnant, they made opt for a product free of ammonia.

Ammonia free bleach isn’t just limited to those with a sensitive scalp. They can be used on any client wanting a bleaching treatment. It causes less damage to the hair so some people opt for this anyway. It’s important to note that results from products without ammonia are less vibrant and a bleaching service may require a second treatment.

Products To Use In Conjunction With Bleach Free Of Ammonia

If you’re completing a full-colour service on a client who wishes for ammonia-free products, consider using hair dye that’s similar. Ammonia free hair dye is highly recommended to use alongside the bleach. It offers continued protection for the hair and remains without smell. Although less hair damage is caused, add a bond builder to the mixture. This will offer additional hair preservation.

Post treatment, wash the hair with sulphate free products. It helps to prevent further drying. This can also help prevent frizz. It should then be followed by deep conditioning and mask treatment. This allows for all of the nutrients to be put back into the hair and begin restoration. If not already doing so, clients should start a hair care regime. This may include using hair serums, masks or colour protections shampoos.


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