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Hair bleaching can be tricky but with care, you can achieve perfect results. For stress-free bleaching, most hairdressers need at least a few hair bleach kits stocked at the beauty salon. This is in order to make clients with a variety of hair textures, colours and styling wish happy. With the abundance of new seasonal trends, as well as the persistence of beloved colouring styles that have stayed popular for years, you really have no choice in providing a pleasant colouring experience. Our store is here to help you find the hair bleaching products that can help you do that.

Bleach For Industry Professionals

AMR hair bleaches are enriched with healthy hair ingredients, including keratin and argan oil, and free from titanium dioxide and silica. By following the instructions listed on our products, it is simple to achieve that smooth creamy consistency necessary to highlight hair without damaging it. This is especially important to know if you are using hair bleach at home. Although many of the brands we have on offer are restricted to industry professionals, we have more than a few hair bleach kits that can be used at home.

Bleaching Techniques

Hair bleaches from the AMR online store range are adequate for accomplishing modern hairstyles by using the products for:

  • Colour lightening
  • Highlighting
  • Decolouring
  • Colour removing

Caring agents in the hair bleach enable decolouring with no skin irritation. Overly sensitive scalps can get the colour they want without unnecessarily harming the hair.

Packaging Of Bleach

Our product range includes well-known industry brands such as Fanola,Inebrya, Wella, HiLift, Wild Colour and Redist. It can also be packed separately or as a salon starter kit. We stock different packaging, from single-use sachets to tubes, boxes, and larger containers so that you can choose the formula that works best for your salon:

  • Bleaching kit
  • Bleach powder
  • Bleach activator
  • Hair cream for bleaching
  • Bleaching clay
  • Coloured bleach – violet, blue, and white.

With AMR bleaching powders you can go up to 6, 7 or even 9 tones lighter, when necessary. That means huge colour transformations, as well as smaller touch-ups. Lifting is simple, non-toxic and functional – you can welcome No-Yellow blonde tones, balayage with that stunning 3D effect and sun-kissed hair in its utmost natural perfection.


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