Violet Bleach Powder For Blondes

Bleaching a clients hair takes time and skill. While some people try and bleach their own hair at home, more often than not they come back to you for repair. They often miss spots of their hair, cause snapping or irritation or their hair colour doesn’t give them the results they were trying to achieve. You will use bleach on a range of different hair colours, from blondes to brunettes and even occasional box dye black. Violet bleach powder is recommended to use on already lightened hair.

The reason for this is because the violet pigment helps to eliminate yellow tones. Blue based bleach is used to help reduce the signs of golden and orange hues, while white bleach is used on any hair type. In saying this, the violet bleach powder isn’t limited to pre-lightened hair. It can be used as your standard bleach to use across all clients if preferable. Other hairdressers prefer to change bleach colour depending on clients, while others stick to one colour.

Maintaining Bleached Hair

Bleaching the hair and cause it to become dull and lifeless. While all of us want lighter hair, we’re never really prepared for the effects it can have and the maintenance required. Firstly, consider using a bond builder when carrying out the bleaching process. This helps to keep the hairs integrity and prevent splitting and snapping. Secondly, wash the hair with moisturizing products, free of sulphates and parabens. This helps to prevent further drying to the follicles. Moisturising treatments and masks help to restore the hair with critical vitamins and nutrients the hair has lost. Additionally, consider using a thermal spray before conducting any styling to the hair, inclusive of blowdrying. You may also suggest a similar routine for the client to continue at home. Always have a few items on hand to sell to those clients looking for adequate professional products.


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    Inebrya Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener 500g

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    DNA Powder Organics Violet Dust free Bleach up to 6 Levels 500g

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    Fanola Bleach Powder Violet (Low Ammonia) 500g

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