Hair Loss Treatments For Salons

There are a number of hair services you can expect to deliver in a salon. In a single day, you may be required to do a scalp bleach, a perm, general cut and a repair treatment all within a single day. It can become busy and you never know the client who will walk through the door next. You may sometimes get the odd client come in for a cut and ask for a wash while seated. You may want to consider offering them a specialised wash, with targeted products for their hair concerns. A common issue many people have is suffering from hair loss. It can be a result of a chemical imbalance, age, pregnancy or sometimes even a change in diet. Hair loss treatments will be great to offer to those clients, to help promote new hair growth.

This is an area you may need to tread lightly. Some customers may feel very sensitive about this topic, so maybe a little reluctant to mention anything to you. There are a few things you can do to make them feel more relaxed if you do notice thinning. Firstly, if you are going to be carrying out a wash and blowdry, let the customer know you’ll be using a hair stimulant shampoo while at the basin. Ideally, no other customers will be around just to be safe. Secondly, you could also offer a little take-home kit for clients to try. A scalp brush and a shampoo sample may do the trick. The more comfortable around you they feel, the more likely they are to accept support. More often than not, customers will prefer to treat the hair loss themselves at home.

Try Hair Loss Treatments At Home

The discussion of hair loss can be seen as a taboo topic to many people. It makes them feel self-conscious and embarrassed when their hair starts to thin out. Others tend to embrace the new look, while others try to hold on to what they have. They may not feel comfortable about coming to you in a salon, so home treatment is a solution. Specialised ingredients help to stimulate hair growth for some shampoos and conditioners. Antioxidants found within the formula offers promising results. Additionally, using a small scalp brush over the head can help. It’s used to encourage and stimulate hair growth and remove dead skin from the scalp. If your not a salon professional and are wanting to try these at home, follow the instructions on the bottle for the best results.


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