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Treating head lice can be embarrassing for the client. With a bit of professional confidence and humour, you can make it more pleasant. On top of good communication skills and knowledge about the issue, having effective head lice products is a must. Not many people have this type of equipment at home. Therefore, visiting a hairdresser can be the first time they learn about the problem. Having a supportive attitude will be immensely helpful for what is usually a sensitive situation. Assure your clients that you have the tools to solve the problem quickly and effectively and let them know that is nothing to fret about.

Tools You Need to Treat Head Lice

Most anti-lice products have medical properties because they need to address the issue at hand with added ingredients that remove the parasite from the hair as fast as possible. To ensure that you have provided the most effective head lice treatment to your client, consider including multiple products in the process:

  • Lice comb: A disinfectable tool with finely spaced teeth which removes lice and nits by combing through hair
  • Spray, shampoo, and oil anti-lice treatments: Exterminate, wash, and care for affected scalps.
  • Anti-lice leave-in conditioner: An extra measure of care for the most persistent lice.
  • Anti-lice care regimen pack: A complete pack for salon or at-home lice treatments.

Your clients may get a few of these tools over the counter but it is unlikely they will have invested in all of them. By using several head lice products in a salon, you can multiply the effects and get rid of the annoying lice with just one or two applications. 

5 Steps of an Anti-Lice Treatment

  1. Make sure you leave the oil do its job for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Comb hair with the anti-lice fine-wired comb. Use a spray for extra thick hair
  3. Wash with an adequate Pyrethrum shampoo.
  4. Apply conditioner and comb one more time to remove nits.
  5. Recommend using at-home anti-lice products to avoid spreading.


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