Developer 3.5 Vol For Salon Use

When bleaching or colouring one’s hair, it’s important to do it gradually. Using strong chemicals on the hair can cause damage. In turn, this makes the hair feel dry, coarse and brittle. It’s important to take your time and consideration of the hairs current condition. You’ll be able to work freely with hair if it’s virgin. If you are only needing a low-level peroxide to mix with colour, 3.5 vol developer may be perfect. Higher volume peroxide will be more likely to cause damage.

If the hair has already been pre-lightened or you’re worried about causing more breakage, consider a low-level peroxide. Developer 3.5 vol is ideal if you just need to mix in a small amount to activate the colour. You’ll also be able to use this in conjunction with bleach but it will take longer to process. Additionally, results won’t be as noticeable as opposed to using a higher percentage of peroxide.

Developer or Peroxide in 3.5 Vol?

Different jobs call for different tools. In this case, different agents. Peroxide and developers are similar in many ways but do however differ. A peroxide tends to be a thicker substance, ideal for balayage. It has less chance of leaking and is known to have more conditioning properties than that of a peroxide. Some professionals would rather use peroxide, as it can process the hair faster and is more versatile. Using heat in conjunction with these activators will result in an overall faster colouring service. Our friendly staff at AMR will help find the right products for you and your salon. Just call or email and we will happily answer any enquires.


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  • AMR Professional

    AMR Premium Creme Peroxide 3.5Vol 990ml

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  • Inebrya

    Inebrya Peroxide 3.5vol 1000ml


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  • Milani

    Milani Violet Creme Peroxide 3.5Vol 1L

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  • Milani

    Milani Peroxide 3.5 Vol 1Ltr

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  • Be Hair

    Be Hair Activator 3.5vol 1000ml

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  • Fanola

    Fanola Peroxide 3.5Vol 300ml

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  • Fanola

    Fanola Peroxide 3.5Vol 1000ml

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