The Need For 5 Vol Developer

If you’re an industry professional in the hairdressing game, you’ll know the importance of a good 5 vol developer. Sometimes 3.5vol isn’t strong enough, and you know too well that higher levels are too strong. If you’re going to be using semi-permanent dyes to create temporary colours, 5 vol developer should do just the trick!

If you have a client wanting to go with something a little more permanent, you may need to use a higher level peroxide. Generally speaking, under 10 vol will lift or darken no more than 1 shade. So if you’re client is making a transformation from brown to blonde, this isn’t the right developer for them. Higher levels are likely to lift more than 7 shades if used in conjunction with bleaching agents.

Selecting The Right Product For Your Salon

Every salon is different, so it’s important to consider the needs of your workplace. Firstly, consider your client base. Are you mostly cutting hair or conducting colouring services? If the latter, which is the most popular colour? Taking all of these factors into consideration will help to ensure you have enough stock, without having excess. Most salons use 20 vol the most as it gives plenty of lift without damaging the hair too much. You’ll also need to have 5 vol on hand for those wanting something a little more temporary, while 40 vol will be used for wanting a big change quick! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist if you have any additional questions about our products as there are a number of peroxides and developers to pick from.


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    • WildColor

      Wildcolor Peroxide 5Vol 995ml

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    • AMR Professional

      AMR Premium Creme Peroxide 5Vol 990ml

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    • Milani

      Milani Violet Creme Peroxide 5Vol 1L

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    • Schwarzkopf

      Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Developer 2% 7Vol 900ml

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    • Inebrya

      Inebrya Peroxide 7Vol 1000ml

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