Why You Need Zero Lift Developer In Your Life

Having a good developer in your life can make all the difference. While colouring yours or your client’s hair, a developer is used in everything from bleaching to colouring. Even if you’re going for something semi-permanent, peroxide is used to help make it happen. Traditional developers help to lighten the hair. If you’re using under 10 vol, you can expect your hair to change the shade by a single level. The higher levels like 20-30 vol can see the hair lightening by 3-4 shades. Using the highest level which is 40 vol, will lift as much as 8 shades! Not all jobs require colour to be lightened. If you’re only want to deposit colour, that’s where zero lift developer is useful!

The formulation of these developers still activate the products and assist with opening the cuticle. Colour can then be deposited into strands of hair, causing very minimal damage. Additionally, it’s great for use on darker hair.

Using Zero Lift Developer Professionally

It’s important to have a well-stocked kit in the salon. You need to be able to meet the needs of all clients that may walk through the door. You may not need the zero lift developer often, but it’s important to have it on hand when it is needed. Depending on the brand you use, colour charts and online information will help you to understand the mixing ratios and what to expect the outcome to achieve. If you’re not confident trying on a client, consider using a mannequin head to practice on first. You’ll be achieving great results in no time!


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