Advantages Of Hair Colour Kits

For hair and beauty professionals, stocking up on great brands is a must. Once a client chooses a favourite colour, they stick with it. To help them achieve identical colour with the same quality each time, use a product series and hair colour kits. 

You are not only using compatible hair colouring products, but you also get them highly discounted. In case a new brand or technique comes on the market, the best way to try it without overspending is to get a colouring kit. Being among the trailblazers in the industry showcases an innovative spirit, a professional outlook towards beauty trends, and courage to own one’s style. 

Hair colour kits enable all of that with fewer risks than experimenting with products individually.  

What is in a Colouring Kit?

Although there is no general rule about the contents of hair colour kits, popular brands make sure they include all necessities for performing a specific hair procedure or technique in the easiest, fastest, and most effective way.  No colouring kit is exactly the same as another one. However, the majority include the following hair colouring essentials:

  • Colour packs, basic or extended range, depending on kit size
  • Colour developers, 10, 20, 30, and 40 Vol packages
  • A colour chart
  • Bleaching cream
  • Stain remover
  • Barrier cream
  • Shampoos and masks
  • Tint bowls and tint brushes

Specific techniques such as blonde or luxury colouring kits for gentle and thinning hair can have extra products, such as argan oil masks, keratin and argan bleaching cream, super-lighteners, and no-yellow shampoo. Brands like Fanola and Inebrya pay special attention to selecting an optimal colour range in hair starter kits. Therefore, you will get the best value for money in one neat professionally compiled colouring kit.  

Educate Yourself from Starter Kits

Hair colour kits support experimenting with new products, look nice on your salon shelves, and attract customers willing to set trends. Once you find the range from a brand that suits you best, you can invest more in the most used colours in your salon, worry-free. Start building your salon brand slowly until you amass a valuable customer base. Afterwards, contribute to customer continuous satisfaction by delivering the same quality service with the proven products from the experimental kits.


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