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Ready, Set and Go with AMR Salon Supplies

Salon supplies are one of those disposable things that wear out or don’t last, and you usually need many of them. It is a real nuisance when you find out you’ve forgotten to replenish your supplies. So many little things - who can remember what is in your salon inventory every day? You may search for clips and pins and, at the same time, remember you also need glove reserves and disposable containers. It is so much easier and time-saving when you can find all the hair salon utensils at one place. That is why we have selected crucial salon supplies into one section - to help you complete all purchases at one go. 

All Salon Supplies at One Place

If you are needing to replenish stock at a good price, it's important to look around and compare. You don't want to compromise on quality, but quantity is just as important. We have great value for money with many sales and an abundance of stock. AMR offers salon supplies such as: With AMR wholesale supplies, you can keep your place and hair tools spotless. We stand by you as a reliable partner to help you stock your salon with dozens of salon supplies. Some of which you may not think of, especially when you open a salon for the first time. But we also provide all supplies for established salons that work on versatile beauty procedures, including hair and makeup. 

Branded Salon Supplies for Reputable Businesses

If you need a way to show the brands and materials you use and like to be associated with, you can select one of our branded material banners, posters, T-Shirts, and window stickers. They provide style, coverage, and make a business statement all at once.