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AMR Hairdressing Gloves

Typical risks in the daily job of a hairstylist include persistent colours, harsh chemicals, heat, and - of course - all sorts of dirt. But that is part of the job - for beautiful results, hairdressers often need to use unpleasant products and hair accessories. From the simplest disposable powdered gloves to heat protecting mittens, our selection of hairdressing gloves will cover all basic needs of a hairdressing salon.

Protect Your Skin

Long exposure to certain products can damage your skin, even cause you pain and prevent you from doing your work. It is not so complicated to remove a few colour stains from unsightly looking hands blemished with dark hues. It is just a question of aesthetics. But when you burn your hands with an iron or a straightener, the damage can last for a while. Hairdressing gloves provide the solution to most of these worries 

Benefits of Hairstyling Gloves

Using hairdressing gloves is not only for your personal benefit as a hairstylist. One of the major client concerns when choosing a salon is hygiene. For many treatments, latex gloves will help you avoid these issues. You just need to have your glove stack close at hand to reach out whenever you need to set that protective barrier for the benefit for everyone included.  For example, special gloves are necessary to perform a delicate treatment such as a head massage. Massage gloves with studded tips will enable deeper impact without having to overdo with your fingertips and harming your client’s scalp. They are also protective of a great manicure, which many hairstylists love. Pick up sturdier, reusable gloves if you need one pair for multiple procedures. Reusable gloves are not powdered, can be washed, and won’t allow for nail perforation. For stickier business, use disposable latex gloves for maximum cleanliness and chemical harm prevention.