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AMR Scissors and Thinners for Every Hairstyle

Hairdressing scissors are the most personalized tool for most hairdressers. They don’t come in so many shapes and sizes for nothing. Feeling comfortable in your hand is the ultimate requirement when choosing scissors. Make sure to get scissors that fit this requirement or you risk professional injuries in your wrist or palm. Allowing your clients to vary hairdressing styles is the second most important requirement.  Different hair scissors and thinners are necessary for various hairstyling techniques. You will need at least a few. AMR hair scissor supplies include: 
  • Apprentice, intermediate, and professional level scissors
  • Scissor and thinner combo packs
  • Hair sharper blades and razor blades
  • Razor sharpers
  • Disposable razors
  • Precision hairdressing scissors
  • Swivel hair scissors
Choosing a hair scissor and thinner kits will sometimes do the job perfectly. Often, you will have to go for more than one kit or cherry-pick your best hair scissors simply because each pair of hands is unique.

Experimenting vs. Tradition: Which Hairdressing Scissors Fit You?

Unlike disposable supplies and adjustable chairs that can be replaced or manoeuvred by height, scissors are done once you purchase them. Stylists often appreciate advice when choosing hairdressing scissors. Brands regularly come with new materials and improved craftsmanship. Therefore, it is challenging to select a new product. Moreover, hairstylists don’t want to abandon a trusted pair of scissors that does the job well and fits nicely in their hands.  If you prefer the conservative approach, pick a brand with a tradition. In contrast, when in the mood for experimenting or expanding your salon tools, consider getting your hands on a newer style. You can’t go wrong if you invest in a pair of Samurai Suntachi scissors and thinners which come in multiple colours.

Hair Scissors Cleaning and Maintenance

It is vital to regularly cleanse and sharpen your scissors to maintain their perfect function. Unless you don’t know how to do it yourself with an expensive pair, it is better to leave the job to a professional. But if you are up to the task, there are easy-to-use sharpeners that can do the job at least occasionally, so that you don’t have to visit a pro that often.