Types Of Skin Care Concerns

There are many different skin types out there. We aren’t talking about colour but general care concerns. There are 4 main types of skin care concerns that products are made specifically for. Firstly, there’s dry skin. Dry skin is where you have large sections of your skin that are dry or flaky. Secondly, we have oily skin. This is where are is an overproduction of sebum, resulting in excess oil on the face. Specialised product help to remove the oil and restore it to a healthier level. Normal/combination skin is where your body has just the right balance. Your skin isn’t excessively oily but you may have shine in your T-zone (nose and Forehead). Fourth and finally, there is those with sensitive skin. This skin care concern is where the skin becomes easily irritated. This could be due to an underlying condition such as dermatitis. These concerns don’t have to rule you, there are plenty of ways to treat them.

How To Treat Skin Care Concerns

Treatment of skin care concerns is all about finding the right products and routine. For sensitive skin, look for products that have been dermatologically tested. They’ll be PH balanced and should prevent any irritations. Dry skin products need to have moisturising properties in them, to prevent further damage to the skin. Oily skin will need products that are able to easily remove dirt, as well as get into a good exfoliation routine. Normal skin needs an in-between. Exfoliation mixed with the right products is a must. Ask our friendly staff today for any help you’ll need with picking the perfect products for yourself of the salon.


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