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What types of waxing products does AMR stock?

AMR has an increasing number of waxing products for professionals to use in the industry. Our products come in many forms and many brands. Some of our most popular waxing brands include Adam and Eve, Natural look, Byothea, and Lycon to name a few. Most noteworthy, not only do we sell the wax but we sell the waxing pot, soothing kits, sticks, strips and bedding too. We have your one to shop for all your waxing needs.

Why purchase waxing supplies from AMR?

Here at AMR we specialise in hair and beauty so know what products are best for industry use. We have professional staff who are trained to assist you with their extensive knowledge. We can recommend you specific products and brands to suit your needs in many different fragrances. Offering online support, phone support and in store staff assistance, we are always around to help.