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What types of waxing products does AMR stock?

AMR has an increasing number of waxing products for professionals to use in the industry. Our products come in many forms and many brands. Some of our most popular waxing brands include Natural Look, Byotea, and Lycon to name a few. Most noteworthy, not only do we sell the wax but we sell the waxing pot, soothing kits, sticks, strips and bedding too. We have your one to shop for all your waxing needs.

What waxing products are best for professional use?

There are a number of different waxes that you can pick from, each having a different use. It's important to know your client and know their skin type. We would highly recommend testing a patch of skin to ensure that you are using the right product for them. Those clients with more sensitive skin types benefit from sensitive hot waxes, to help avoid any skin irritations. If you have a client who has experienced chemo, they are more likely to experience pain when waxing, so it's important to use additional products for pain-free waxing.

Best waxing products for home use?

For waxing at home, you want something easy and mess free. We would recommend getting your own waxing kit, or handheld waxer from our hair electricals range. They will make the process more convenient for you but don't forget to use pre and post waxing items to avoid irritation. You'll be a waxing professional in no time! If you have any problems or need advice, our friendly staff would be happy to help you make the right decision for you.