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SKU: ABS105277

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ABS SNS Nail Dipping Kit



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With the ABS SNS Nail dripping kit, you can now cut down on your salon trips and save a lot of money. It is easy to use, offer long-lasting manicure and cuts down on cost. The result of using the ABS SNS Nail kit is an even, flawless coat. The kit is safe to use and would not ruin your nails.

The removal process is straightforward, and you don’t need a trip to the salon to fix up your nails. You can easily use the SNS nail dripping kit at home in the comfort of your space.

The pack contains a dip nail polish kit and is one of Australia’s finest nail dipping kits. You can easily buy the SNS nail kit from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Key Features

  • Comes with full SNS nail dripping kit plus salon ready fixtures and luxurious colours
  • Easy to use and finish off
  • Free from harmful chemicals that may harm your nails
  • Easy to remove, following the general nail removal process
  • Made from all-natural ingredients to guarantee good quality
  • The long-lasting sheen on nails for optimum results

Is This Product For You?

  • Offers salon ready nail kit
  • Cuts down trips to the salon
  • Luxurious drip polish for a flawless sheen
  • Gentle on your nails and easy to remove
Directions And Care Instructions

ABS SNS Nail Dipping Kit

For 1x Gelish PH Bond 15ml:

  • Apply Gelish PH Bond to the nail plate.
  • Smear gel in a thin coat.
  • Use a thin application of Gelish Base Coat and seal the edges of the nail.
  • Place nails under 36 watts UV Light for 1minute.

For 1x SNS Cuticle Oil 15ml:

  • Collect cuticle oil with a small brush.
  • Massage oil over the cuticles of the selected hand for a final finish.
  • Wipe brush clean onto a fresh paper towel before returning the back into the product bottle, or use brush saver

For 1x SNS Brush Saver 15ml:

  • Open up a bottle cap.
  • Insert brush inside the bottle for 1 minute.
  • Take out brush, then close the cap

For 1x SNS Senshine Gel Base 15ml:

  • Apply a thin layer of gel base on nails.
  • Then apply any SNS pink, white, and or clear powder.
  • To dip in a Gelous coat, use Gelous Base instead.

For 1x SNS Senshine Gelous Base 15ml:

  • Apply to the top of nails.
  • Dip in SNS Gelous coat.
  • Dry (no UV required).
  • If you want to use any other powder or coat, use an SNS Senshine gel base instead

For 1x SNS Senshine Gel Top 15ml:

  • After applying dip powder, apply gel top lightly as a final coat.
  • Leave to dry.

For 1x SNS Senshine Sealer 15ml:

  • After dipping nails, apply sealer.
  • Leave to dry for a whileApply gel top.

For 1x TruDip Clear Powder 56g:

  • File nails and clean dust from the nail with a brush. 
  • Apply bond to natural nails. 
  • Put TruDip in a bowl and immerse nails in it. 
  • Clean nail with brush and repeat procedure. 
  • Activate nails, wait a few seconds, and file again. 
  • Repeat activation. Dry in UV lamp.

For 1x to SNS F4 – Pink Glitter 43g:

  • Apply glitter as the second layer on french manicure.
  • Dip the brush in glitter and apply lightly over nails.
  • Leave to harden.

For 4x SNS Coloured Dipping Powders 28g:

  • Apply a thin layer of the Gelous Base.
  • Dip any coat of colour (Gel Base will not activate).
  • Repeat base procedure.
  • Dip again for the second layer and coat of colour.

For 1x SNS File 80/80 Straight:

  • Clean and dry nails before using the nail file
  • Put file underneath nails at an incline of 45 degrees and file.
  • Brush nails to clean it off.

For 1x SNS File 100/100 Harbourbridge:

  • Clean and dry nails before using the nail file
  • Put file underneath nails and around the edges for an even file.
  • File at an angle

For 1x ABS Orange/White Buffer:

  • File nails to the desired shape.
  • Apply buffer thoroughly to nails for buff polish and shine.
  • Paint nails or leave

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