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SKU: AND01420

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ANDIS Master Magnetic Comb Set Dual Pack 0.5 & 1.5



Every Style. Every Groom. Every Cut. Always Andis.

For over 95 years no brand has known cutting, styling and grooming better than Andis. Creating a legacy with exceptional products, Andis core values are Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

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The amazing and durable Andis Master Magnetic Comb set comes in a set of two sizes, 0.5 and 1.5. These sizes work great to comb different hair lengths and thickness with ease. This comb is resilient and durable. The magnet fitted to this comb was developed by the Andis group using tough earth alloys.

The Master dual magnet system for attaching combs to the clipper erases the hassles of using clip models. This new and sturdy double magnetic comb is far better than clip combs because while clips break, this master magnetic comb set retains its magnetism over a long period.

Near the clipper, a snap-on mechanism is activated, which attaches the comb to the clipper. This mechanism not only attaches the comb to the clipper but secure it firmly to prevent falls, ensuring an unstoppable work rhythm and a professional job.

The snap-on mechanism on this dual magnetic comb fits many clipper models, including MBA, MC-2, ML, RACA, PM1 and PM4.

Key Features

  • Andis group patented magnetic system
  • Snap-on mechanism attaches comb firmly to clipper
  • Safer haircuts: Comb covers blades, preventing direct contact with skin, so no worries about accidental nicks
  • Long-lasting
  • Improves haircut finishing

Is This Product for you?

  • Attaching comb to clipper becomes easier, which in turn makes barbing faster
  • Higher quality haircuts, making barbing more accurate, with a more professional look
  • This comb is durable, which saves you money
  • It makes haircutting safer as it prevents direct contact between blade and scalp
Directions And Care Instructions

How to Use Andis Master Magnetic Comb

  • Take out from the package
  • Put Magnetic comb on the top blade part of the clipper
  • Leave to snap on

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