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SKU: 200571LB

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Barber Culture Hair Fibres Light Brown 32g



The Barber Culture Hair Fibres give a thicker-looking head of hair with colours to match all hair colours.

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Barber culture hair fibre, known as the instant thickener, gives you thick hair in an instant. This culture for human hair stands out from other hair fibre products as it mimics human hair.

It contains fibre strands that are clump-proof and impossible to differentiate it from natural hair. It is a hair thickening product that sticks to hair follicles and instantly takes care of areas of the hair that are not optimal.

It is a mild formulation and does not present any threat to its users. It contains ingredients derived from natural sources. Produced under strict quality standards, this cruelty-free hair building fibre is top-notch. Using products over an extended time improves hair health. It also serves as a mask protecting the scalp from direct contact with sunlight.

It comes in a light brown colour ideal for brown hair. This hair building fibre is water-resistant, ensuring it does not wash off when used in the rain. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that could harm your hair and scalp.

Key Features

  • Product produced under strict high-quality standards
  • Applying the product to hair is easy
  • 100% natural ingredients in product formulation ensure the product is safe for use
  • The product lasts all day on hair and is resistant to water
  • The product is durable and does not require frequent reapplication.

Is This Product for you?

  • This product sticks firmly to hair that wind, sweat, and water does not get it off
  • Shampooing hair removes the product from hair, leaving no remnants
  • Zero risks of usage as the product are hypoallergenic and mild in the formulation
Directions And Care Instructions

Directions of use:

  • Wash hair thoroughly before using this product to ensure it is clean
  • Dry hair properly
  • Style hair
  • Apply barber culture hair fibre by shaking overhead.

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