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SKU: GAM105941

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Gamma+ Relax Silent Hairdryer Rose Gold



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Gamma+ Relax Silent Hairdryer is the epitome of efficiency. This professional hair dryer features a patented relax silent technology that helps reduce acoustic stress, making hair drying time comfortable. This one-step hair dryer produces a meagre sound of 64 decibels, the absolute lowest among all Gamma Piu Hairdryers.

This machine is also lightweight and balanced, ensuring the hand remains comfortable during the drying process. The handle is ergonomic and well designed, so you experience no stress on hand when using it. It is a high-performance hair dryer by gamma with optimal airflow, pressure, and temperature due to its 1900W AC motor. It is safer than DC hairdryers and drys hair 50% faster.

The Gamma+ relax silent dryer is eco-friendly. Compared to traditional hairdryers, it has electromagnetic pollution reduced by as much as 97%. Its case and packaging are reusable, ensuring safe disposal when damaged. Its grill comes with a coat made from silver nanotechnology that helps control microbial growth on the hairdryer, ensuring it remains sterile at all times.

Key Features

  • Multiple modes for drying flexibility: 3 Heat (Low, Medium, and High), 2 Air speeds (soft and fast)
  • Comes in Rose gold colour that makes it extremely elegant
  • 1900W AC motor for optimal efficiency. It ensures airflow, pressure, and temperature release is ideal while drying hair faster
  • Relax silent Technology: Reduces sound stress. This machine produces a sound of 64 dB, which is one of the lowest in the industry
  • This hairdryer remains sterile throughout its lifetime due to its silver nanotechnology casing, which prevents microbial growth
  • Gamma+ hairdryer is eco-friendly with reduced electromagnetic pollution, noise pollution, and recyclable casing.

Is This Product For You?

  • Using this hairdryer for your professional drying services ensures reduced drying time, as its 1900W AC ensures efficiency
  • In cases of short circuit or leakage of electricity, this device automatically activates over-heat protection, which keeps you safe
  • It is an elegant machine that is functional and efficient, ensuring your comfort during the drying process. It comes in black, imbibed with silver nanotechnology that helps prevent microbial growth.
Directions And Care Instructions


  • Plug Gamma+ silent hairdryer in power port with the ideal power rating
  • Select the ideal heat mode for the hair drying process
  • Point the dryer on hair and comb out hair to dry effectively

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