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Goldwell 10BA Colorance Tube 60ml

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Benefits & Features

Goldwell 10BA Colorance Tube gives your hair a gentle yet brilliant shade. This Demi permanent smoky blonde hair colour comes in handy for an awesome hair colour refreshment with a lasting touch on treated hair. The mixture provides up to 50% grey coverage for natural and colour-treated hair while making it shine brighter.

Goldwell Colorance is the perfect product for achieving natural demi shades for different levels of grey coverage. It comes in a demi-lasting range design that ensures absolute hair beauty and rich colouring. The formula also helps to refresh pre-existing hair colours to glow and glitter better.

Colour gives you a light wine blonde shade. With the IntraLipid technology, which helps to rebalance the hairs lipid levels, it provides optimum protection. This means it replenishes the lipids (and some other nutrients) lost during lightening and bleaching sessions.

As recommended, it is best used directly after highlighting or lightening your hair or as a correction after a bleaching session. When applied, it takes only 5 minutes to penetrate the hair making it one of the quick action hair dyes. This quick effect is due to its special formula/composition, making the penetration easy, thorough, and safe.

The formula requires a 1:2 ratio mix with a clearance developer lotion to get the best results. You may also Use Colorance Clear to reduce colour depth or character or create soft blonde shades. It is recommended for professional hairdressers.

Key Features

  • Intra Lipid technology: rebalance the hairs lipid levels, thereby providing optimum protection
  • Comes in a 60ml tube with a beautiful design and colour blend
  • Fast penetration action - it takes only 5 minutes to penetrate the hair
  • Lightening effects: Colourance express helps for best highlighting touch
    The Goldwell Colourance comes in three different ranges for optimum hair colour preservation and grey coverage.
  • Ensures up to 50% grey coverage and helps to create dimensions
  • For professional and salon use only

Is Goldwell 10BA Colorance Tube For You?

  • Makes your hair glow better with an adequate lightening touch and exquisite highlighting
  • Gives hair that smoky blonde shade
  • You can also create a smoky blonde shade with the Goldwell Colorance tube and reduce colour depth.

Colorance colours is a demi permanent range and requires 1:2 mixing with appropriate Clearance Developer Lotion.

When using creative foil techniques with Pastel shades add thickener and use bowl and brush. Apply the color mass to dry hair.

For a softer result process for 5-10 minutes, for intensive results up to 25 minutes.

Use Colorance Clear to reduce color depth or character, or to create soft blonde shades.

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