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Kiepe Scissors Blue Fire Series 6.5"

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Benefits & Features

Kiepe Scissors Blue Fire Series 6.5" is designed to ease the styling experience for barbers. The KIEPE Blue Fire Series Scissors thins out bulky or weighty hair. It is great for shaping your hairstyle, whether by trimming or removing bulk.

It has convex razor edges that give clean, smooth cuts. Due to its sleek semi-offset design and sharpness, it is easy on the hand. The tang is removable when it becomes more of an obstruction than an aid (or according to the user's preference).

It is also quite small (about 16.51cm long) and is made from Japanese steel 440C with a high carbon which was ice-tempered. The steel blades of the hair scissors Blue Fire Series measure between 59-61 HRC. It is also equipped with light metal pressure grips for better cutting results.

Kiepe Blue Fire Series Classic Hairdressing Scissors come with a high-performing lubricating oil that makes maintenance even easier. Hence proper use will keep the blades in proper cutting shape.

Key Features

  • The small pair of scissors is 16.51cm long.
  • It has a convex slide cutting edge to make things smooth.
  • Made from Japanese steel 440C with a high carbon.
  • The steel is ice-tempered in a checked atmosphere to prove its hardness and durability.
  • Has light metal pressure grips die-cast to the blades, giving the scissors better balancing.
  • Line emphasising freedom of movement and haircut technique.
  • Impressive Rockwell hardness measuring between 59-61 HRC.
  • Its finger rest facilitates ease of use and handling.
  • It has a removable tang attached to the finger rings.

Is Kiepe Scissors Blue Fire Series 6.5" For You?

  • This pair of scissors is a must-have for barbers.
  • The blades are specialised for thinning bulky hair and trimming.
  • The blades are well-shaped to make cuts smooth and easy.
  • Oil blades regularly to maintain their peak performance for as long as possible
  • Always store in a dry place to prevent the onset of rust
  • Sterilise before and after use for both personal and client hygiene
  • Clean any hair strands from the blades before storing

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