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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless

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Benefits & Features

Have traditional clippers taken you to hell and back? Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless is the solution. This powerful tool offers superior performance and customisation. There are three interchangeable body kits to try, including black, white and platinum. However, you can enjoy exceptional styling no matter your choice.

Designed for barbershops and salons, Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless will thrive in the toughest situations. Each use means operating the acclaimed 10000 rpm turbocharged magnetic motor with a turbo boost function. We also need to mention the ultra-hard black diamond DLC blade with adjustable and zero-gap capabilities. You will achieve smooth movement for longer with Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless.

If you are wondering about the cord and cordless portion of the name, we can explain. Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless offers 100 minutes of cordless runtime, which means extreme portability and convenience. You can rely on the long and sturdy cord for an endless runtime too.

Silver Bullet always goes above and beyond, which is why they offer five magnetic comb attachments, oil, a cleaning brush, a mini screwdriver and a charging stand with every purchase.

Key Features:

  • A professional-grade clipper.
  • There are three interchangeable body kits in white, black and platinum.
  • A 10000 rpm turbocharged magnetic motor.
  • Take advantage of the turbo boost function.
  • An ultra-hard black diamond blade.
  • An adjustable and zero-gap DLC blade.
  • A lithium-ion battery with 100 minutes of cordless runtime.
  • There is endless corded runtime.
  • Includes five magnetic comb attachments: 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13 mm.
  • Includes oil, cleaning brush, mini screwdriver and charging stand.

Is Silver Bullet Speed Demon Clipper Cord/Cordless For You?

  • A stylish and practical tool.
  • Made with carefully selected materials.
  • Developed by an esteemed brand.
  1. Make sure you oil the blades before use.
  2. Plug the power cord into the base.
  3. Switch the power on at the outlet.
  4. The power cord can be plugged directly into the clipper when the power is low and the clipper is still being used.
  5. Place the clipper into the base to charge when not being used.
  6. Always oil the blades before use to optimise the performance.

How To Change The Body:
To change the body, switch off the clipper and disconnect from the mains. Undo the two small screws at the top and the bottom of the rear body with the mini screwdriver provided. Change the body, then re-install and tighten up the same four screws. Make sure the large screws at the back of the blades are not loosened or interfered with during the process.

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