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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer with Diffuser

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Benefits & Features

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty



How do you become an expert at blowdrying hair? While the importance of practising cannot be denied, one of the most essential tips is finding the right blow dryer. You will be relieved to hear we have found a potential candidate: Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer With Diffuser.

This professional-grade hairdyer is perfect for creating bouncy, smooth and shiny results. Whether you are in the salon or your own home, Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer With Diffuser will meet your needs. The 2000 watt AC motor will help to deliver intense heat and airflow. Simply choose from three heat and two speed settings to get started, including a cool shot button designed to make your desired look last throughout the day.

Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer With Diffuser includes several types of extras too. There is a wide nozzle, a regular nozzle and even a diffuser to create soft curls. The possibilities are endless with Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer With Diffuser. You can even pair with other devices from the Silver Bullet collection, such as hot brushes, straighteners and curlers.

Key Features:

  • A professional-grade hairdryer.
  • Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Create bouncy, smooth and shiny hair.
  • A professional AC motor with 2000 watts of power.
  • Enjoy intense heat and airflow.
  • There are two speed settings.
  • There are three heat settings.
  • A cool shot button will set your style in place.
  • Includes a diffuser and two nozzles: wide and regular.
  • Pair with other products from Silver Bullet.

Is Silver Bullet Speedline Dryer With Diffuser For You?

  • Two years of warranty.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Developed by a reliable brand.

To maintain optimum performance, we recommend the filter be cleaned regularly.

For optimal results, apply shampoo and conditioner. Then, rinse and detangle. Make sure you dry the hair using a radial styling brush and, if preferred, the concentrator nozzle. Dry one section of hair at a time by winding gently around, or partially around, the radial brush. While letting the hair glide over the brush, apply air at the required temperature. Repeat until the hair is dry and the desired style is achieved.

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