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VitaHair Mini Starter Kit

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Benefits & Features

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free



VitaHair Mini Starter is the perfect introduction to the VitaHair collection. You can enjoy 1x VitaHair Clarifying Shampoo 200ml, 1x VitaHair Retexturising Treatment 200ml and 1x VitaHair Mask 200ml. Each one of these products will be a welcome addition to your salon or barbershop.

One of the most powerful options is VitaHair Clarifying Shampoo. This first step in the VitaHair Smoothing System will cleanse with ease. The combination of nourishing ingredients also repairs, strengthens, adds softness, reduces frizziness and manages volume. Yet, the most important feature is the chance to prepare for VitaHair Retexturising Treatment.

The perfect companion for the shampoo is VitaHair Retexturizing Treatment. Each dollop will smooth the wildest strands and reduce frizziness. If you have large amounts of hair, you can trust VitaHair Retexturizing Treatment to decrease the amount of volume too. The healthier result will capture attention from every direction.

VitaHair Mask can be used as a standalone or alongside VitaHair Retexturising Treatment. You can battle the most damaged and distressed types of hair. Expect greater hydration, softness, shine and restoration afterwards too.

Make sure you explore all the possibilities of VitaHair Mini Starter.

Key Features:

  • A kit filled with three haircare products.
  • Perfect for your salon or barbershop.
  • 1x VitaHair Clarifying Shampoo 200ml.
  • 1x VitaHair Retexturising Treatment 200ml.
  • 1x VitaHair Mask 200ml.
  • Pair these products together for the best results.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable.
  • Free from common harmful ingredients.

Is VitaHair Mini Starter For You?

  • Discover this professional VitaHair collection.
  • Contains plenty of nourishing ingredients.
  • Made by an ethical brand.

VitaHair Clarifying Shampoo:

Begin by wetting the hair and applying Vitahair Clarifying Shampoo. Work into a rich lather, rinse thoroughly and repeat. The next step is gently towel drying and hand drying until the hair is damp (80% to 90% dry). Avoid brushing the hair during the cleaning process, and make sure you pair with VitaHair Retexturising Treatment to complete your look.

For a super smooth finish or for extremely resistant hair, you should apply the treatment on 100% dry hair.

VitaHair Retexturizing Treatment:

Begin by using your preferred technique to divide the hair into small equal sections. Wear gloves, pour the treatment into a bowl (start with two ounces) and use a brush to apply in small sections half an inch from the scalp. Make sure you gently comb each section for even saturation. Due to the fragility, pay special attention when combing heavily processed or coloured hair. You should pass the product with your hands (with gloves) from the length to the ends.

Next, cover the hair with a plastic cap and a towel to maintain body temperature. Let the treatment act for thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the hair texture and the desired result. Rinse the entire treatment in cold or warm water for thirty to fifty seconds until the water is clear. Finally, squeeze out the excess water and towel dry.

VitaHair Mask:

Before applying VitaHair Retexturizing Treatment, add a small amount of VitaHair Mask on half of the damaged ends (about 4-6 inches). Wait five minutes and rinse.

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