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I have received my order but am missing items, what do I do now?

The main reason for not receiving an item is due to item being out of stock. If this is the case our team will attempt to call you so we can notify prior to your order being dispatched. If we are unable to reach you a message will be sent, we will also send you an email. Your order will be held for 24 hours whilst we await your phone call. If we do not hear back your order will be sent and a refund will be processed. If you have not received a phone call/refund please call our team on 02 9618 7654. Alternatively, there are cases where one or more of your boxes gets separated during transit.
The courier in most cases will advise there is more boxes to come. You can determine this by viewing your consignment label to see the number of boxes that were consigned at our warehouse.

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