Beauty Beds

Beauty Beds: Comfort and Functionality

Why choosing a beauty bed for your salon place should be your priority? You nailed it because beauty beds are a salon furniture item and will have your customers spending hours in them. Also, you need them handy to produce immaculate results without wasting an unreasonable time on a single procedure! Facial and spa beds are for comfort for your clients, it's important you find the right product relevant to your specialised field. It's important to make sure your clients have the right support during their treatment. Who doesn't love their whole pampering experience to be comfortable, right? But if your customer is forced to spend an hour in an uncomfortable bed or if it has you running around in circles to reach all the equipment you need for a treatment, you’ve somehow missed the point. Just think of a massage bed that is awkwardly shaped! Instead of relaxing, your client will get restless and edgy. And that’s not the result you want to achieve with beauty beds. You need functional pieces that provide style, comfort, and aesthetics at the same time. Beds are the beacons of successful beauty salons.

Signature Salon Furniture

Truth is customers judge your beauty salon when they come in for the first visit. The quality of your salon furniture equipment will speak volumes. In fact, most beauty salon owners not only want to possess quality beds and tables with multiple handling options, but they also love making them signature pieces. If you want to make a name for your beauty salon, have a look at AMR. We have the most options available in black and white to help you make your choice according to your salon premises:

  • Super-comfortable luxurious beauty beds that can serve just for any type of treatment from facials to massages and blow-dries
  • Bargain beauty beds with multifunctional adjustments that will provide durability, hygiene, and flexibility for a variety of treatments, including tattoos and piercing
  • Elegant & slim-design beds/tables that will blend in the environment and provide your customers with the feeling that it’s all about their comfort and pleasure

AMR beauty beds provide a subtle difference between overpowering salon furniture and low-key items. Just what you need to prove yourself as a master of style, glamour, and essence.

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