Pre Made Fans

Pre Made Fan Lashes For Expediated Volume

Having incredible luscious lashes isn't always easy. Most people have up to 150 lashes on their upper eyelid and many don't have the desired length of time to create them. Opposed to fake eyelashes, more people are shifting towards lash extensions. Lash technicians will use individual lashes or pre made fan lashes depending on the client's requirements. They're long-lasting, sometimes surviving nearly up to one month on some clients. Most commonly, clients will need to get infills every two weeks. They just fall out with your natural lashes (roughly 4 lashes a day) or you can remove them when no longer needed. Fans are great for added volume to make your eyes really stand out. They do require maintenance and a little home lover to keep them thriving.

Taking Care Of Your Pre Made Fan Lashes

Some people get eyelash extensions because they think it will be easier than applying makeup daily. The truth is, they're a bit of work. Firstly, we recommend brushing them a few times a day. You can do this by using a disposable mascara wand to brush the lashes lightly. You gently stroke outwards in a similar fashion to when you apply mascara.

Secondly, you need to clean them carefully. A build-up of dirt and makeup can cause irritation to the eye. For this reason, making sure the eye remains clean is important. You can lightly clean your eye area using a water-soaked bottom pad with a very minimal amount of baby shampoo. This will help to remove any excess makeup from the eyes. Additionally, you can just use water or try some other methods for stubborn makeup.

Furthermore, you'll need to ensure you don't rub your eyes. The volume lashes are going to feel very different at first, so you need to resist that urge to rub them. Try sleeping with a silk pillow to ensure rubbing on the pillow doesn't occur either. If you're a lash technician, consider printing out an instruction guideline for clients to take home. Or alternatively, start them off the with the smaller length pre made fan lashes with a lesser curl.

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