Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair Repair: The Ultimate Restoration

There are many reasons why a person may experience damaged hair. Some of the common causes for this include the overuse of hot styling tools, colour bleaching agents, incorrectly using hair care products or using poor quality products on their hair. The fix can sometimes be as simple as changing over shampoos, while other times it requires an intense damaged hair repair regime. Generally speaking, most of the time we recommend mask treatments at least once a week in addition to a good shampoo. By also adding in a oil or leave-in treatment, your hair will be feeling the best it's felt in a long time. First, you need to find the right goodies for you!

Repair Your Hair With Quality Products

Before jumping straight into what products are good, consider a few factors before settling on a treatment. Firstly, what has caused your hair to turn to dismay? Secondly, consider what you are hoping to achieve. Can a single product salvage it or will you need multiple? Are there any other underlying issues? And finally, does your hair require any special treatment? E.g. do you have hair extensions or keratin? Based on your answers, it will help to point you in the right direction. For keratin-treated hair or extensions, consider using sulphate and paraben-free products. These are less drying and recommended for those who have brittle hair too. For hydration, vitamin e is highly recommended. For added shine, look for argan oils. If you frequently use heat tools, consider thermal protectants to prevent split ends and damaged follicles.

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