Growing A Sustainable Future

Our Sustainability Pledge at AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies

Welcome to our sustainability journey. As Australia's leading hair and beauty supply business, we understand our responsibility to our environment, our customers, and our global community. Our mission isn't just to provide top-tier beauty supplies - it's to do so while minimizing our footprint and helping shape a more sustainable industry.

Born in Sydney, Australia, we've expanded our reach over the years to include Melbourne, ACT, WA, and beyond. With every growth step, we prioritise creating a more sustainable business structure and engaging our teams globally in environmental initiatives. Our sustainability is a reflection of who we are as a company and what we believe in.

Sustainability is not just a project with an end date, it's an integral part of AMR. We began as a small store in Sydney and have grown to a global enterprise employing over 120 people. Our sustainability journey has been continuous since 2019 when we started introducing sustainable beauty products, goals & initiatives.

Our Commitments

Waste Reduction & Recycling: We've made significant strides in waste reduction by adopting sustainable practices. This includes switching to 95% recyclable printing labels, reducing our cardboard usage, and eliminating bubble wrap. Our goal is to minimize waste and promote a circular economy.

Carbon Emission: We're going green and adopting renewable energy sources across all our facilities.

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) Audit: To keep track of our progress and identify areas for improvement, we regularly audit our environmental, social, and governance practices.

Staff Training: We train our staff regularly on sustainable practices, energy conservation, and how to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Use of Renewable Energy: We're reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and turning to renewable energy sources.

Efficient Climate Control: We're committed to optimizing our energy usage by using energy-efficient bulbs and monitoring climate control in our stores.

Water Usage Reduction: Water conservation is a key component of our sustainability goals. We strive to use water more efficiently in all our operations.

Investment in Solar Panels: Where possible, we have installed solar panels to produce our own energy.

Recycling: We have introduced recycling programs within our stores to manage our waste more responsibly.

Buying Long-lasting Products: We aim to reduce waste by purchasing items that are designed to last.

Paper Free Initiatives: We're transitioning to paperless operations where possible, to save trees and reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Certified Products: We stock a variety of eco-friendly products, giving our customers a choice to shop sustainably.

Clean Green: We choose eco-friendly cleaning products to keep our stores clean, ensuring a healthier environment for our staff and customers.

Sustainable Decorating: We choose sustainable materials for our stores' decor, creating a beautiful space that is kind to the environment.

Promoting Sustainable Transport: We encourage our staff and customers to opt for eco-friendly transport options, further reducing our carbon footprint.

At AMR, we believe that every step we take towards sustainability is a step towards a better future. Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate and transform our business to meet the needs of our customers, our planet, and future generations.