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AMR Hair & Beauty was founded in Australia more than 18 years ago, and our commitment to these roots hasn't changed. We currently manage stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth with plans to expand. Plus, we’re excited to continue supporting the Australian hair care and beauty industry.

We aim to make buying locally easier for professionals and general customers across the country. Simply check out the Aussie hair care below to see for yourself.

The Best Australian Hair Care Products

From Wi-Fi to electric drills, Australian inventions have made an impression, but how familiar are you with Australian hair care? We are actually a bit spoiled for choice with high quality Aussie made shampoos. We have compiled all our favourite brands here to kickstart your education journey. 18 In 1 is one of the most interesting additions to the list.

As Aussie hair care, you can expect native botanical ingredients like Kakadu plum. In addition, there are 18 benefits inside each bottle, including restoration, hydration, protection, manageability, strength and colour maintenance. Another favourite is De Lorenzo. This Aussie hair care brand is vegan, plant-based and sustainable.

Best of all, their extensive collection has products for every occasion, such as scalp therapy, hair restoration, colour maintenance and protection. The final Australian hair care brand is Dumb Blonde. You can tone and create healthy hair with any of their nourishing products, including shampoo, conditioner and spray.

How To Verify Aussie Hair Care

Australian products have a reputation for superior quality, which is why earning the title of Australian made and Australian owned is coveted. The rigorous screening process assures you can trust the origins of your products - as as long as you pay attention to the labels.

Simply look out for the Australian made or Australian owned label. There’s also a category called Product of Australia that signals ingredients and manufacturing.

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