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Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol 990ml

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Benefits & Features

Aussie Made

Aussie Made

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free

Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol is a creamy formula designed to be the perfect partner for the Limitless colours and lighteners. The product is known for stability and high-performance cosmetic action. You can deliver the colour molecule into each strand of hair faster and with more control, which means hair integrity is maintained. The final colour is stable, even with intense hues.

One of our favourite features of Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol is flexibility. You can use this with toning and tinting. The product is also suitable for all lifting powders and highlighting creams. Best of all, the creamy formula is safe on or off the scalp. Thanks to a fragrance-free blend with an anti-irritation ingredient, the hair and scalp are soothed for a pleasant haircare experience.

The only question left to ask is about the strength levels. Thankfully, Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol offers many different levels of lift or maximum coverage. With over 6 creme developers to choose from, you can mix the product with any Limitless Illuminates colour or powder lightener.

Key Features:

  • A creamy developer easy for mixing and application.
  • Delivers stability and high-performance cosmetic action.
  • Fast and controlled delivery of the colour molecules into the hair.
  • Hair integrity is maintained with ease.
  • Use on or off the scalp.
  • This product can be used for toning and tinting.
  • Mix with any of the Limitless Colours or Lighteners.
  • Offers many different levels of lift or maximum coverage.
  • Fragrance-free and anti-irritation for a soothing experience.

Is Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol For You?

  • The ideal companion for Limitless colour and lighteners.
  • Enjoy high-performance and precision colouring.
  • Customisable cosmetic action.
  • Use protective gloves on your hand before applying the colour, and wash off the skin with water in cases of contact.
  • Mix with hair colour or bleach according to their labelled instructions.
  • Mix with the right amount of dye so you do not spoil the consistency of the creme. Use immediately and dispose of any leftover colour.
  • Do not exceed the development time stated.
  • Rinse hair well after application.
  • Do not use on hair that has previously been coloured with metal dyes.
  • The container must be rinsed and completely empty before disposal. Do not use this as a food container.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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Angela Villanti
Crème Developer 30 vol

Great product use it all the time

Sara B.
Lifts well and has a

Lifts well and has a nice consistency