Hair Masks For Hydration

Lines can sometimes be blurred when it comes to understanding what hair masks do. Many people often confuse them with conditioners thinking the results are the same if they hadn't tried them before. In fact, conditioners and masks are very different.

A mask penetrates deep into the shaft, helping to repair the damaged hair molecules. While conditioners help to detangle the hair and add some hydration, masks are more efficient. They take roughly the same amount of time to work but the quality of ingredients are richer.

Since they have so much moisture, they can be heavier on the hair. If you're someone who suffers from oily hair, then these products aren't recommended for frequent use.

Get Added Colour With Hair Masks

Not only are masks used for hydration and shine, but they can also be used for colour restoration. Colour masks help to deposit colour deep into the hair follicles. It can be great for those with already colour hair wanted to prolong the colour or for those wanting to trial a semi-permanent mask.

Colour depositing masks are becoming increasingly popular in both a professional environment and also for home use. Many hairdressers choose to use it as part of the colour process as a toner. This is particularly good for blondes not wanting to use additional bleach.

If you're unsure the right product for your hair, our friendly team will be happy to try and find the best range for you. Additionally, if you're a salon, you may benefit from trying one of our salons starter kits. It has everything you need from colouring tools to treatment masks.

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