Kids Seats

Why Kids Salon Chairs

If you are a hairdresser or a barber, you'll know kids haircuts can be a difficult thing. Trying to get the kids to get in the chair is more work than they taught you during your apprenticeship, and you haven't even got to cut their hair yet. Kids salon chairs make the experience more fun and exciting for the child. While it doesn't actually restrain them to the chair, it will get them in there.

Add Fun & Excitement To Your Kids Salon Chairs

Take away the fear of a haircut and replace it with joy. Our kids salon chairs will do just that. We've got a few designs available, a little fun and a little plain. For barbers, we have a child's barber chair with a pegasus on the front. Who doesn't love to feel like they are on a merry-go-round? The Michael kids chair can be used in either setting, with a pumpable action to bring the kids to your height. We also offer every kids favourite chair, the race car. Set with a steering wheel and mirrors, it will keep them occupied for ages. You may not have space for a dedicated kids chair, so maybe consider a booster seat instead.

Give The Kids A Boost

Booster chairs are a great addition if you are short on space. Although that isn't as fun as some other options on the market, children sometimes enjoy feeling older. Seeing their parents sit in the same chair encourages them to join in. Select from round and square options to best cater to your existing chair. Now the hard work of getting them in the seat is done, you'll need to figure out how to keep them still.

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