Salon Reception Desks

Reception Desk: The Number One Chance to Promote Your Salon

Salon reception desks make the first impression with clients. This essential piece of salon furniture can attract all the right clients in an instant. When picked well, it will speak volumes about who you are as a salon and the level of pride you take in your work.

AMR Classic and Contemporary Reception Desks

AMR reception desks include affordable designs, so you won't have to overspend to impress. We've carefully selected adaptable pieces that can find their place in various salon settings and layouts. Durable and compact, our reception desks are also elegant. With subtle design elements that don't overburden the space, you can create any look. Since most modern salons need reception desks to store office elements, such as trays and cables, appointment books and sometimes salon supplies, we've ensured you have space. Regardless of whether you pick a contemporary or a more classic model, your salon manager will be pleased to use our desks.

A Tiny Space with a Big Task

Our desks are simplistic and practical, with the communication between the client and reception as the main focus. The reception desk is also one last chance to check your client’s satisfaction with the outcome and propose future visits and treatments. When one piece of furniture needs to accomplish so many tasks, it deserves attention during the selection process.

Communicate, Organise, and Impress

Our reception items have clearly marked dimensions and ergonomic design to help you navigate around them with the least possible effort for maximum results. The fine details and great organisation will make AMR reception desks you favourite place to be in your salon. Add a chair to your desk and appoint a friendly team member to greet customers. Leave a long-lasting impression with your clientele from start to finish with our reception desks.

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