In the midst of the COVID lockdown, when the world seemed to stand still, Heir Watches brings you a campaign that celebrates the art of getting dressed up, even when there's nowhere to go.

The "Dressed Up To Stay In" campaign is a reminder that style knows no boundaries, and elegance is not confined by four walls. Heir Watches believes that a timeless watch can elevate your spirit and your style, even in the coziest of settings. So, let's dust off those favorite outfits, adorn our wrists, and shine on with grace and charm, wherever we may be. Because even in lockdown, elegance is an everyday affair.

In our "Dressed Up To Stay In" campaign, we've embarked on a journey with our cast, reflecting on the fond memories that preceded the COVID lockdown. As we all navigated through uncertain times, these reminiscences became a comforting anchor to hold onto. We sat down with our cast to hear their stories, their laughter, and their heartfelt recollections of a world before lockdown.

Through these interviews, we share not only their cherished memories but also the resilience and hope that has carried us through. Join us in celebrating the strength of togetherness and the power of remembering the times that make us who we are.

Embracing the new normal with creativity and connection, we've created 4 Instagram filters to our community members to keep them engaged with each other, even during lockdown. These filters are all about safe socialising and keep the spirit of togetherness alive, virtually! Explore and share these filters to spread the love, even from afar.

Our international campaign brought people from around the world together, showcasing their unique fashion statements from home elegantly paired with our exquisite timepieces.