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Barber Pro

Barber Apron 2

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Benefits & Features

Barber Pro Apron made from high-quality material offers all the protection needed by professional barbers from hair. With double-stitched utility pockets, this apron holds heavy-duty barbing equipment comfortably. Made from breathable material, professional barbers do not experience discomfort over prolonged use.

It is easy to fasten this apron as it does not involve tying bows. This apron comes with a clasp and ring system that makes wearing and fastening easier and faster. It has highly durable and rust-resistant vintage brass metal hardware.

The waxed coat on this professional barber apron makes it easy to maintain as the material does not absorb the stain. It is ideal for haircutting, tending bars, and art painting.

Key Features

  • Maximum waist size of 46 inches makes this apron ideal for all sizes
  • Four different apron designs are available for your perusal
  • The snap-on mechanism makes fastening aprons easy
  • Waxed surface ensures material does not absorb stain
  • Breathable material keeps barber comfortable during haircuts.

Is This Barber Pro Apron For You?

  • Worried about the height and waist? They are adjustable
  • Handmade material intricately designed for use by a professional barber
  • Waxed canvas on material makes hair and dirt removal easier.


  • Do not use a washing machine on this material
  • Material is susceptible to heat, so avoid using a cloth dryer on the material
  • Do not use detergents for cleaning material as it could cause chemical degradation
  • If waxed canvas get soiled, leave to dry, and brush off any dirt
  • Use cold water to wash

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Great quality

No itchy picky hair poking me through my clothing. I'm so glad I got this. It works great